Recovering from the pandemic with a new Green Deal in Italy

12 May 2020 – Our Founder and General Manager Luca Guzzabocca just signed the Manifesto “ A NEW GREEN DEAL FOR ITALY”.

The new Coronavirus pandemic is disrupting the habits and ways of life of billions of people. It is causing thousands of deaths as well as a huge economic downturn. The pandemic has unveiled our vulnerability, our lack of preparation and resilience in front of this kind of risks: in other words, it has unveiled the need to take more care of our future.

We believe that, in order to face such a destructive crisis and to open concrete opportunities for a better future, broad, innovative and far-reaching policies are required. We need an unprecedented public intervention – both national and European – in the economy, as well as an extraordinary commitment from citizens and businesses. This will only be possible as long as we share proper awareness, a common vision, and clear decisions towards a new kind of development model that is able to meet the challenges of our time.

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