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Code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct contains the key rules of conduct that RIGHT HUB’s members and administrators, as well as employees, consultants, collaborators, suppliers, and partners are required to comply with. The Code of Conduct has its foundation in the principles that underpin the way RIGHT HUB think and act, and it starts from the belief that it is essential to operate by adopting an ethical professional conduct.

Italian Prompt Payment Code (CPR)

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RIGHT HUB adheres with full conviction to the Codice Italiano Pagamenti Responsabili (CPR) of Confindustria.

CPR is a code of conduct to ensure the payments to suppliers based on simple and important features as follows:

  • voluntary adherence
  • requirements of punctuality in payments
  • transparency towards suppliers
  • commitment to spread the adoption of the code
  • maximum slenderness and simplicity of procedures
  • no sanction provided, except exclusion from the code in case of breach finding.

Sustainable workplace management policy

RIGHT HUB considers as essential the adoption of an ad-hoc policy for sustainable workplace management. It therefore established a behavior guideline for employees and collaborators regarding office life and mobility. This is in addition to the concrete actions to be taken to help improve the quality of our lives and that of future generations to which we will have to reserve our own opportunities.

In april 2020, due to the COVID19 pandemia emergency, the Health and Safety Protocol of RIGHT HIB has been promptly updated according to the Italian Government regulations.

Sustainable Development Goals

In September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda, setting out the Global Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which have 169 targets to be reached by 2030. Each country must commit to establishing its own sustainable development strategy to achieve the SDGs, reporting on the results achieved within a process coordinated by the United Nations Organization.

The member countries, including Italy, which have thus expressed a clear opinion on the unsustainability of the current model of development by signing the commitment have definitively overcome the idea that sustainability is only an environmental issue and affirms an integrated vision of the different dimensions of development: environmental, but also on economic and social. The process of changing the development model will be monitored through a complex system based on 17 objectives, 169 targets and over 240 indicators. It is in relation to these parameters that each country is evaluated periodically until 2030 at the UN and by national and international public opinion.

RIGHT HUB intends to make a strong contribution and it is committed to disseminating information on the Sustainable Development Goals described in the 2030 Agenda.

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Our associative commitment for the environment and the community

RIGHT HUB, in line with its mission and vision, actively contributes in the activities of the following not for profit associations and networks of which it is a member:

A.S.G.I. (Associazione San Giuseppe Imprenditore)

A.S.G.I. gathers entrepreneurs, artisans, farmers, artists, traders, professionals, all men of goodwill, who wish to do business and build works, striving for an economy at the service of humankind, in order to ensure authentic social progress.

C.N.E.C. (Centro Nazionale Economi di Comunità)

C.N.E.C is a key reference point in advice, information and training for the professional preparation of economists in the administrative, management and technical fields, operating in religious and ecclesiastical institutions. C.N.E.C. is an organisation and it is an “instrument” at the service of the Catholic Church, with a particular focus on the training and support needs of religious economists, which are called to manage works and services, concrete expression of the different charisms.

Green Economy Network

Green Economy Network is the network promoted by Assolombarda to stimulate new alliances between companies that offer products, technologies and services for environmental and energy sustainability, to give visibility to their skills. Being part of the network is a way to exchange information, get to know each other better, grow together and, together, count more.

PLEF (Planet Life Economy Foundation)

P.L.E.F. aims to contribute to the evolution of the socio-economic model that exists today in the direction of its full sustainability, identifying applications, tools, mechanisms of involvement of all stakeholders.


Launched in 2013 @SriEvent has been the first and is so far the sole Twitter handle in the world exclusively devoted to telling the stories of events on sustainable finance. @SriEvent is ranked #1 Twitter Influencer on #sustainablefinance globally (ranking Kcore Analytics).
@SriEvent partners/has partnered with some of the most distinguished events and organizations, in Italy and across the world, in the field of sustainable finance and sustainability more broadly.
In 2019 @SriEvent launched its first local chapter @SriEvent_it for Italy.
@SriEvent has been founded and is managed by @andytuit, journalist, blogger, social media manager, with 20+ years of experience on sustainable finance and sustainability.

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